Your advice on interviewing and coaching has beentestimonials instrumental to my job search. Working with you as compared to other recruitment firms has been night and day. Your ability to keep me informed and just plain taking a personal interest in my future and success has been unlike anything I have ever experienced. I would happily refer anyone in the market for a new job or career directly to you.

Sam S.

Working with Kath was a revelation! I have worked with recruiters several times in this and previous job searches, but no one did a better job of ensuring I understood the employer’s business and corporate culture which in turned meant that I was well-prepared for the interviews and confident that the role would be good on all levels. Kath represented professionally.

Pam O.

The employment market is ripe with highly-skilled personnel who have been downsized out of a job. Many are highly educated, success proven, departmentally cross trained, and eager to be integral in a smaller (more nimble) business structure.

Towards that end, please allow me to share/recommend an excellent employment agency: FOCUS AGENCY

Through a reference from a similarly engaging agency (that specializes in a different skill-set placement), I requested and received a recommendation for an employee placement agency: “the best in the country: FOCUS AGENCY,” more specifically, Kathryn Shepherd.

Within two days of engaging FOCUS AGENCY, the company was supplied three resumes. Within the first week we were provided over 6 applicants. By the second week, we had beyond one dozen highly-qualified applicants.” In my one-on-one dealings with Kathryn, it was evident that there is a significantly-skilled organization supporting her result-driven efforts.

Each of the applicants were duly vetted for Resume Content and Accuracy (with appropriate margin notations) that may only be ascertained by a certified staffing agency.

Applicants of interest were assessed with confidential, concise (easy-to-read) and accurate reports. The confidential and investigative research performed on relevant personal references were spot on.

In eight weeks’ time, we were able to transform the future of our business, through the successful recruiting of our new Director of Marketing!

I recommend FOCUS AGENCY for today’s economy, through tomorrow’s resources!

Dan Morhaus, CEO

I want to thank you with all my heart for your dedication to helping me find a wonderful career. With the changes in economy, the job market has been a very challenging environment for many people. This is all the more reason why I am so grateful that I had your guidance in making a very promising career move. It is because of your insight, dedication, wisdom and how incredibly business savvy you are that I have received an offer from an incredible company with a great future. I have greatly enjoyed getting to know you and your sense of humor just made the experience all the more wonderful! I am highly recommending you to ALL of my colleagues and friends for when they decide to make career changes. Once again, “Thank You” for all of your encouragement and help. I couldn’t have done it without you!!

Patricia M.

After working with other agencies in my past I have lost faith in them helping with my career.  Then I got a call from Isha and just her first impression on me was that this was going to be something.  She had a tone in her voice that said I am here to help you.  After that initial conversation, I spoke with Kathryn and the relationship began.  The communication was constant and I was walked through the entire process which gave me confidence that I can interview properly. Well three weeks together and I was awarded the job.  Thank you for all your hard work and I hope to maintain a relationship with your agency.

Karen U.